Stephen Buehler, Creator of Astra Insights and Founder of Astra Ventures

I created Astra Insights for business & investment professionals looking for a single online destination that aggregates relevant, high quality content

The internet is littered with so much content that it is often difficult to cut through the noise to locate the truly high quality articles you want to read. Astra Insights aims to be a small part of a greater need for a solution to this clutter.

A little about me – because context of who I am will help frame why Astra Insights focuses on alternative investments, entrepreneurship and business efficiencies.

After a long run on Wall Street, I decided to venture out on my own in an effort to apply my experiences for a new set of clients. This entrepreneurial ambition led to the launch of Astra Ventures, an alternative investment-focused firm based in Nashville, Tennessee.

When setting up Astra Ventures, I quickly realized that the many (often very expensive) data sources I once had at my finger tips were no longer available without a significant financial investment. In an effort to defray the cost of data, I looked for free sources to complement or substitute for the expensive ones. This was surprisingly difficult to do. Astra Insights is the solution for my own problem. And I suspect it could also be a small part of a solution for many others. So I hope you find this site to be informative if not helpful.