Top 10 Twitter Accounts for Macroeconomic Research

Stephen Buehler
Stephen Buehler

Creator of Astra Insights & Founder of Astra Ventures

Twitter can be a wonderful source of information – IF you know the right accounts to follow. This post lists 10 of the best accounts to follow for macroeconomic investment commentary.

A few notes about the list. First, it was incredibly hard to narrow this list to only 10 people. This list includes the folks I find myself enjoying the most at the moment. Second, although these people have corporate affiliations, I am only listing accounts of actual people (not corporate accounts). I will create a list of the most interesting corporate accounts in upcoming weeks. Third, this list focuses only on macroeconomic insights. I’ll cover other top 10 lists for startup/venture, hedge funds, market commentary, etc.) in other posts. Lastly, I included some recent tweets as samples. I didn’t cherry pick. I included the 2 most recent original posts to give a flavor of their post content & style.

With that….here is the list.

10. @elerianm

9. @DiMartinoBooth

8. @trevornoren

7. @MishGEA

6. @hussmanjp

5. @IanShepherdson

4. @RickRieder

3. @EconguyRosie

2. @LizAnnSonders

  1. 1. @biancoresearch

I’d love to hear who should be on this list that isn’t. Please include your thoughts in the comments. For other posts on Top 10 Lists, click here.

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